Top 5 Street Photography Cameras for Beginners 2019

Picking your first camera to get started in Street Photography can be a daunting task. Below is my Top 5 Recommended Beginner Cameras to get started in Street Photography.

Panasonic Lumix GX85img


This camera is perfect for your entry into street photography. Very small and compact, can easily be pocketed into a large coat pocket. The included kit lens is fantastic, really great sharpness across the frame on the wide angle end of the zoom range. The electronic viewfinder is fast to update, however it is a little smaller compared to the other cameras on this list.

I would recommend this camera to someone who needs a camera that does a little bit of everything. You can easily mount legacy lenses and use peak focusing for photography or video work.

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Fuji X100F


Perhaps the most recognisable camera people pine after for street photography. The fixed 35mm equivalent lens is perfect for street photography. The size of the camera is easy to carry and travel. The image quality is sharp across the frame and wifi functionality makes it easy to edit images on the go.

I would recommend this camera to someone who perhaps already has DSLR for other commercial work or video content production. The Fuji X100F certainly isn’t a one trick pony, I have seen some amazing results using this camera for wedding and portrait work. The fixed lens does however make me lean towards recommending this to someone who definitely wants to concentrate on street photography and wants to learn how to shoot the one 35mm focal length really well.

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Ricoh GR


If you are serious about street photography you will most certainly have heard of the Ricoh GR. It perhaps has somewhat of a cult following now. The size of this camera is perfect for a daily use camera, you can fit this in your jeans pocket. The APS-C sensor is packed into the little body along with the 28mm equivalent lens. This is perhaps the best way to get a fast 28mm camera and lens for use on the streets. One downside may be the lack of viewfinder, however you can get an external hot shoe viewfinder if required.

I would recommend this camera to anyone who wants to hone there craft and simplify their camera collection. I owned Ricoh GR for a time and got rid of all my other equipment. It was an incredible learning experience shooting with just one camera and one lens.

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Leica CL


Okay this is a pricey option I know. However if you have been saving for a while and want a camera that you will most definetly feel inclined to make good use of simply because of the high price tag then maybe this is the camera for you.

Leica of course has unparalleled optics and image quality. The build quality of this camera is amazing too. There is a super hi-res electronic viewfinder that helps with composition and exposure selection. Plus you can adapt Leica M mount lenses to fit the APSC - L Mount.

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Sony 6500


My final recommendation is the Sony A6500. This is a great all round camera. I’ve always had a love hate relationship with sony cameras, the image quality is amazing however I always felt the user experience was lacking. The menu’s are a little bit complicated. However the form factor and viewfinder make this camera a perfect street photography companion. If you are working in other fields of photography the Sony is a great option for as you can easily adapt pretty much any lens for video or photography use.

I would recommend this camera to anyone look for a transitional camera, you may be an avid video shooter and would like to dabble in street photography.

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