Make Money as a Street Photographer

We would all love to earn living from our passions, street photography included. So here are my 3 simple tips to start earning money as a street photographer.

Start Selling Prints

This is probably the most obvious way of making some money from your photography. However there are so many ways to sell your images these days. Firstly you could make a limited run of prints and place them in local cafes or community spaces. Most cafes will happily accept art for their walls in exchange for a small commission if they sell any prints for you. You could also start an e-commerce store on WIX or Squarespace. This way you can use Facebook advertising or pintrest to promote the sale of your prints worldwide.

Things to Remember

  1. Add value to your sale by including some information about the print on a separate business card or postcard. You could even include a hand written note as a thank you.
  2. Provide quality. It takes someone to really love your work to purchase a print, so make sure you are providing a quality print, it doesn’t cost too much to have your images printed on museum quality archival paper.
  3. Promote your work and build a personal brand through instagram/facebook/twitter/pintrest. The internet is so noisy, meaning there are so many photographers trying to sell their work, so you have to stand out, this can be done easily by telling your story, put a face and voice to your work. Include video, interact with your current followers and run competitions or offers to drive customers to buy your prints.

Workshops / Photowalks

If you have been a street photographer for a few years or have a lot of experience you might consider running workshops or photowalks in your local community. All you need a space to meet and greet attendees. This could be a local cafe or community space. Most places will be happy to have more customers using their space. You can charge a small fee for included materials and the teaching time.

Things to remember

  1. Its important to provide something of value to those people attending. Something that can’t just be found online, so provide personal experiences and how you got started in street photography. be aware of the level attendees are currently at. This is important for you as you tailor sessions to those attending. You could get this information from how you attendees apply for the workshop, implementing a email submission form with some questions about their current abilities and what they would like to learn from a workshop.
  2. Allow time for questions. It important to be as helpful as possible to paying workshop attendees, they may have a lot of questions that may appear to be off topic, you should however try to answer these questions and provide any external helpful material that may help them further.
  3. Use Facebook advertising to find potential attendees. You may think there is nobody in your local area even interested in a street photography workshop, however using a simple Facebook advert can help you reach targeted user who are interested in street photography, have attended other photography courses in your city or are active in the community.

Start a Street Photography Blog

This is perhaps one of the easiest ways to start attracting people to your photography, this can be a platform for selling prints and advertising workshop events. In addition if you write detailed posts about your tips for street photography you can run advertisements along side your pages or include affiliate links for products you have reviewed.

Things to Remember

  1. Make it personal, in order to stand out, include your own personal story, this could be as simple as having a great about me” page or even a video introducing yourself to your readers.
  2. Don’t over do the advertising. It can be very easy to implement Google adsense adverts to your pages, but it can quickly get out of hand if too many adverts are placed, your content you’ve worked so hard to write can become lost on the page.
  3. Promote your blog posts to your current followers on instagram or Facebook. Use your current following to kickstart your blog. You may find people are interested to hear your thoughts on street photography or hear your story.
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