Hi I’m Ryan and I started Mirror Shot in 2015 as a place to write my thoughts on self-reflexive documentary cinema…however the blog is now dedicated to Street Photography.

I started taking street photographs in 2012 when I started studying at University in Belfast. On our lunch breaks, a couple of friends and I would walk down into the city centre and take photographs.



Soon after completing University I opened a coffee shop in the student area. It has been a busy few years but I am almost at the end of our lease and I plan to get back into photography.

That’s where Mirror Shot comes in, this blog will dedicated to sharing my journey through street photography.

It’s my hope that it can bring people together, spark discussions and form friendships.

I would love to hear your story and see some of your street photography.

If you happen to live in Northern Ireland it would be great to meet you at one of my street photography workshops or photowalks in the near future.

Follow my instagram page where I feature street photographers from around the world and daily street photography inspiration. You can also follow my Super 8 Wedding Videography work

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